Jack C – Detroit, Michigan

Marc Coached my son during 3 elite AAA tournaments last season. My son not only commented on how much fun he had but that he learned more in 3 tournaments than he did in the last 2 years. I wish we had Marc during regular season.

Douglas J. Sippel

Tyler came to you last year as a “A” player. Carter was also a “A” ranked player. With 7-8 months of your coaching, they are now both “AAA” players along with 4 others from your team. Hats off Marc, you are a great coach. I just had to tell you this.

Teresa & John Scott

Thanks to Marc, our fitness and training have reached a new level. After less than 2 years, we have seen a huge improvement in our health, fitness, and performance. Marc has great insight in nutrition and training. Whether it’s an in depth talk or a quick tip, we’ve come to know that it is important and makes a difference. Thanks Marc! Your hard work has made our training fun and our lives so much better!

Marcelo Silva – Dallas, Texas

Marc Voit has been coaching me for the last 6 years. Since joining Optimum Athlete.com , I have ranked in the top 5 in my region and the top 5% in the nation!! I’ve Qualified for the USAT National Triathlon every year since then, as well as the World’s Long distance championship. Because of the sucessful relationship I have enjoyed with Marc, I highly recommend OptimumAthlete.com to any serious athlete.

John M. DiMarsico

Marc drives consistent improvement in his players through his highly innovative drills and teaching techniques developed through his vast athletic experience. His players and teams are distinguished by their exceptional puck movement and skating skills.

Eric GritzHockey Dad

Marc has helped my son Alex develop each and every lesson, while having fun. Alex always can’t wait to go back again!

Aaron Miller – Hockey Player (Born 2001)

Marc Voit is an awesome coach. He focuses on what you do and will tell you what you do wrong. He is one of the most athletic people I know. He has great skill at hockey as well as other sports too. Marc makes me feel great by challenging me to work hard to be the best I can be with overall physical and mental conditioning and eating the right foods!
I am really glad to know an athletic coach that has great skill and knowledge like Marc.