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The development for athletes has reach such an exciting slope! A good trainer or Programs vision has a dynamic thought process and plan for optimal development. Functional Training in relation to energy systems is a KEY to Excellence. The program that moves along this steep slope of player development with proactive coaching are putting out Optimum Athletes. These athletes have yielded their utmost in their potential. Athletic performance and creativity continue to grow. As the player development trends higher it is our job as trainers/coaches/teachers to stay in front of the development slope. Vision, Always learning, getting better, mutual respect, trust and humility. Excellence is the RESULT.

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Power Skating and Skill/concept Development Clinics May Through Aug

It’s our goal to create excellence in the posture of skating and movement. A plan and focus to improve the explosive assets of the hockey player. This also entails creating the optimum athlete through the whole body approach.The Concept approach is to change the mindset to the three dimensional athlete. The Result is a powerful fluid athlete that has increased his thought process, to the new game, and better equipped to succeed.

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About the Coach

I have had a coaching business for 18 years now. I write training programs for athletes all over the country. I try to instill in my athletes that the key to success is much more than fitness training. It is a balance between training, nutrition, family, and spirituality. Only then with this balance will you add life to your years and not just years to your life.


Jack C.

Marc Coached my son during 3 elite AAA tournaments last season. My son not only commented on how much fun he had but that he learned more in 3 tournaments than he did in the last 2 years. I wish we had Marc during regular season.

Douglas J. Sippel

Tyler came to you last year as a “A” player. Carter was also a “A” ranked player. With 7-8 months of your coaching, they are now both “AAA” players along with 4 others from your team. Hats off Marc, you are a great coach. I just had to tell you this.

Willie Manteris

Marc has been a great resource for me. He got me started in triathlons as a complete novice three years ago and helped me progress much faster than I ever could have on my own. He helped guide me on everything from equipment and training to nutrition and injury prevention and many things in between.

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