Health & Nutrition provides a whole body approach to a coaching and fitness plan. Educating and helping you decide what nutrition and proper fitness plan can do for your performance and health.

Getting fitter, leaner and faster is an outcome. But adding life to your years and not years to your life is our goal.

The American Diabetic Association say there are no bad foods just bad diets. That sounds easy to digest and is politically correct. But we have to take a stand and point out what foods will enhance or be a detriment to ones optimum health.

“Children usually don’t blame themselves for getting lost.”
Anna Freud

Can you ponder that thought as we decipher:
What diet????
What supplement?
What bio marker in my blood relates to deficiency or efficiency?
Is the term ”Everything in Moderation “ accurate ?

Doesn’t it seem as if every other week another product or plan comes out? Many are good but very few are addressing the Foundations of Health and Performance.

KEY Foundations in your Supplement choice can Fill the Gaps to Optimum Health and Performance

Juice Plus was the 1st nutraceutical company to approach deficiencies with a WHOLE FOOD SUPPLEMENT . The benefits in performance in over the 20+ years with my family and clients has been spectacular!

Metagenics is one of the top nutraceutical companies in the world ( included in the link are the top recommendations).

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