About Marc

I was blessed to be born into a home where the emphasis was on giving and supporting each other. The value of the family unit was always present. My parents instilled in my brothers and me the importance of a strong family bond. I have a beautiful and supporting wife Kelly, who is an amateur triathlete. Kelly and I have five wonderful sons Lars, Ian, Ty, Lear, Liam. They put the spark in my step.

At age three, I was severely burned a house fire and given a small chance of survival and recovery. During this time my brother was critically ill in another hospital. With my family’s strong commitment to family and the Lord, I was able to overcome the label of being different. The self-esteem bestowed on me by both my parents and grandfather gave me the attitude of leadership. Their strong influence made me feel as though I could do anything. They instilled in me that time plays no favorites no matter what your circumstances.

At the age of 16 I started flying airplanes and by the age of 23 I was one of the youngest pilots to ever be hired by American Airlines. I am presently flying the Boeing 777. I fly internationally to Europe and Asia.

My family comes from a sports background. My father was an MVP in football, baseball and basketball. Last year he was on the Senior World Series Championship Team for men’s softball. He was also a scratch golfer with many holes in one and a double eagle. My youngest brother Matt was a standout collegiate hockey player at Ohio University. He then went on to be a golf pro. My brother Mike was a standout MVP football player and a black belt in Tai kwon do. I played collegiate hockey at Ohio University and was the smallest player in league for 2 years. I found my real gift however at age 23 in Triathlons. After my first race, in which I was severely under trained, I was talking to myself during the run portion saying this is the last time I would do this again. Despite being unprepared, I found myself finishing top in my age group. I was encouraged by other to pursue this newly found gift and continue on with the sport.

By my third year of racing I earned an All American status and turned pro shortly after. Being a Pro is something I take a great deal of pride in for it is a gift that God has given me. People look up to me and I try not to look down at others because humble is thy servant. I feel a need to give back by helping and encouraging others. I had 33 overall wins and many top five finishes. I am fortunate enough to have competed all over the world including top American Pro at last years Duathlon World Championships in Switzerland.

In May of 1997 while competing in a major triathlon, I collapsed with heat stroke. My temperature had skyrocketed to 106 degrees by the time the paramedics reached me I was unconscious for a while and found myself paralyzed after regaining consciousness. My system was fried and I was told that most athletes who have ever suffered from heat stroke never recover to their fullest abilities again.

Experiencing heat stroke and trying to recover to realize my full potential as an athlete gave me an even deeper passion for understanding physiology and nutrition. By December 1997 I raced a half marathon and beat my personal best. Since then I have numerous triathlons, duathlons, and road races. Despite what doctors had told me, I was back and stronger than ever. I had a total recovery at the cellular level with the most proven nutriceuticals, Diet and proper training philosophy.

I have had a coaching business for 18 years now. I write training programs for athletes all over the country. I try to instill in my athletes that the key to success is much more than fitness training. It is a balance between training, nutrition, family, and spirituality. Only then with this balance will you add life to your years and not just years to your life.

Advice on Health
In this great country we have more knowledge but less good judgment. There are more medicines but less wellness. We need to realize that we are becoming a very sick country because of what we are both putting and not putting in our mouths and our lack of proper exercise. Nothing happens overnight. Sickness does not happen overnight and neither does wellness. An ache, soreness, allergy. Lack of energy, etc. is a whisper of a hint that something needs to change. Cancer or some other degenerative disease is a brick that will hit you if you don’t listen to the whisper.

Believe It, Conceive It, Achieve It,

Marc Voit
2 Tim 4:7