Optimum Edge & Training

The Best Training utilizes and focuses the body in a natural fluid functional movement. This 3 Dimensional training has produced incredible athletes at an even younger age.

A big piece of the puzzle that has not been widely addressed is how to train your different energy systems within this new functional training.

When we are talking about energy systems that would include burst, speed, power, endurance, and anaerobic threshold training.

When you combined these two ,functional training and energy system training in the right plan and program the results are guaranteed and spectacular. This is not only direct performance results but also a system which allows for fewer injuries.

It’s our goal to create excellence in the posture of skating and movement. A plan and focus to improve the explosive assets of the hockey player. This also entails creating the optimum athlete through the whole body approach.The Concept approach is to change the mindset to the three dimensional athlete. The Result is a powerful fluid athlete that has increased his thought process, to the new game, and better equipped to succeed. “Fun, purposeful and intense”

Venmo @ Marc-Voit

Sessions Options

• PRIVATE (4-6 players ) Power Skating/Skill/Concept Sessions with Video Review

• WEEKLY/MONTHLY  sessions with Teams/Programs

• Power Skating Camps for the A level mite to Professional bound Hockey player. May – August

• Elite Off-Ice Training/cycling for the Hockey player – (There may be no better cross training for the Hockey player that Cycling. Whether you are on a Mountain bike / Road Bike or Spinning Bike cycling if done with the correct approach cycling will take your Hockey fitness to the next level.)

• Team Building Camp – If you can’t communicate and have fun as a team off the ice you won’t communicate well on the ice.

Work harder than you ever have while having fun!!
My Training sessions include 1 Hour Plyometric and 2 hour bike ride.
“You want to be a pro? Then train with one.”

Inquiries: Vo2max82@icloud.com


Optimum Edge Academy
Monday March April
7:00am – 8:15am 
*Some players get on ice earlier to warm up and leave at 8:00am for school* @Bairel $50/session

Lacrosse Private Lesson Skills
10 players max only Thur Night April, May
6:30-8:00pm $20 (Treesdale Community Field)
Adam Reimer: HS All American Pine Richland and Seton Hill National Championship Team Contact Adam Reimer


Optimum Edge Academy
Tuesday and Thursday June July
8:30-10:00am AAA 2008-2011
10:00-11:30am JR/ D1 / Pro 
@Bairel $50/session $90/both

Speed Lab 101
10:30-11:30am $10 session *rights after Ice session*
Location: Baierl Ice Complex field and trail or Olympic Pines (940 Pearce Mill Rd., Wexford 15090) Coaches include Professional Triathletes, Ex Spec Ops and other Professional Trainers

Embracing Discomfort while building the Beast
Alternating Fri nights/Sat mornings June -Aug
5:00pm (Location Olympic Pines)
Free to anyone who does three sessions though out the year


Beat Fitness
Monday 6:00pm (Contact Dr. Dan Turack to reserve)
One of the most efficient approaches to training. Using GOATA philosophies that utilize the correct posture form and intensity to allow the most efficient utilization of muscular performance.