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Sports Team, Schools, & PTA

Whether it is Sports performance, Neurological function, Immune function, or injuries, they all are related to how that body is fueled. What that child eats determines their fate. Whether it be a good food choice or poor food choice will determine how his energy level is, how his brain is fueled, how he recovers from a practice, how his/her overall health is reflected. Getting the child to choose takes education on a proactive approach. Great nutrition for life starts early and enables that child for a better chance to achieve all their goals. Do you want to give that opportunity for your Team or Class?

Corporate Speaking

What would it be worth to educate your workforce on an efficient, proactive path to Optimum Health? Would you like your employees to understand the whys and then how to act on their opportunity for Optimum Health? 60,000-$80,000 a year expense for dialysis patient. $ 1000-$1500 a month in cost to average migraineur (migraine suffer) Low productivity because of fatigue or suppressed immune function, sick days that loses your company money.

Fitness Clubs

Do your employees walk the walk? Or do you just sell memberships? Can you expect your clients to trust in your facility without seeing results in personnel? Health is more than Fitness. Understanding the vast arena of nutrition and fitness is not black and white. No one ever sat their way to success.

Keynote Speech


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Clinic & Speech



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Monthly Fitness



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Mission Possible

Do you have equipment, older bikes, shoes, training gear or clothes that you would like to donate. Below is a list of organizations that would find a home for them. For some of these children and poor this would be a spectaculr gift. For some it is a warm piece to keep them dry and warm. For others it is a chance to have helmets,shoes etc that they could never ponder owning. Here is a opportunity to give what we have so graceously have been given. Call or email any Organizations below for information. Those in other States can email me for list in your area.

Light of Life Rescue Mission

Administration and Programs
10 East North Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
United States


Urban Impact
Work with urban youth

801 Union Place
Suite 407
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
United States

Ed Glover – Founder/Director

Boys and Girls Club of Western Pennsylvania

5432 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
United States

Pine Valley Bible Camp
Servicing the needs of inter city youth

504 Chapel Drive
Ellwood City, PA 16117
United States

Recommended Readings

Serious Training for Endurance Athletes
Great job on explaining how body must build in one phase before moving to another

Lore of Running
Great for experienced athlete who has read other physiology references and wants a complete guide. Covers all aspects relative to medical and non-medical physiology of running.

Training for Endurance
Short book and very easy to follow. Author understands damage that occurs with wrong intensity

Magical Running
Guide to put a plan to your goals of improving

The Essential Triathlete
Or 1st timer or brand new Triathlete who does not know where to start for anything equipment, training etc.

Story of true determination, courage and talent in one of America’s greatest runners

The Inner Athlete
Looking outside of physical potential to other aspects of equation.

The Peaceful Warrior
Sport psychology in a fun relative way you can apply

Staying Healthy with nutrition
A bible thick in-depth and very proactive reference for any serious, dietician, nutritionist or athlete

A complete guide to foods or food supplements and how they relate to disease and improving one health.

Fighting Radiation and Chemical pollutants with Foods, Herbs and Vitamins
Helps understand some consequeses of environment and what we can do.

Diet for new America
At times bias viewpoint though very educational on history of food industry.

Finding the Wheels Hub
Good story from pioneer professional in Triathlon.

Enzyme nutrition
Understanding consequense to a cooked, processed food diet

The Art of War
Must read for elite athlete to understand the importance of understanding you, opponent, and environment

Iron Will
Fun read about road to Ironman and his journey as athlete

Peak fitness for women
Guide for new women triathletes

Endurance Athletes Edge
Understanding phases, cycles and periodization

Fast Food Nation
History of where all fast food started and seeing the consequences

What Would Jesus Eat
There were no twinkees.

Been There done that Now What
Accomplished many goals in fitness and health and still not fulfilled?

Boys in the Boat
Dedication Love Excellence

Belfrey Hockey
Great resource for and out-of-the-box thinker that changed approach to development

Shackleton‘s incredible voyage of survival leader ship and determination

Lone Survivor
Marcus Luttrell Incredible mission with the elite of the elite warriors of US special operations

Fascinating approach which many have instituted with good and dysfunction results for Youth Sports

No Ordinary Moments 
Proactive approach to utilize and appreciating your environment to achieve