Proactive Time

When it comes to the magic question of what it takes to be my best, the common quest focuses on finding the timing, successions and intensity of the specific modality. The search for the Holy Grail of optimum results continues. Through the process of marketing a perceived advancement of result is assumed.  But until both the trainer and/or athlete come together in the sense of Proprioception a spinning of the gerbil wheel will continue with less than optimal results.

Let’s find your optimal athlete within.

Proactive Speed development , what does that term mean. How many articles have come out in the last few years to tackle this holy grail for player development? Answer is hundreds. So many good tips and plans have been brought up but most don’t include the most important point.  Many may have the right duration , pitch, interval and intensity but lack a Key for Optimal progression. 

One is the Understanding of Proprioception. This is the relationship of both trainer and athlete and what is best for this Individual. A relationship of the strength and weaknesses and what path the athlete should follow is more than a degree or knowledge but must have the wisdom to utilize the facets of training.

The second missing training link of speed development an understanding and application of form.  Form is most always overlooked and even if the trainer can explain it unless they are actively engaged in demonstrating it the results are not optimum. When one trains in the wrong form a continued  faulty muscle memory is  embraced by the body to limited optimal results. This also causes a restriction in flexibility which limits the athletes form even away from the direct sport. A example would be in Hockey. Hip flexibility and strength is a very important asset for proper skating speed, balance and strength .  I’ve seen athletes who have closed hips skating and then watch them run and there is the same poor posture . When form is addressed in running it allows a new group of muscles to develop and learn. This new form then allows the athlete to create an environment for developing a better stride on the ice. The quintessence stride in running leads to speed training being a proactive part the equation instead of instilling continued weakness in the utilized muscles of going Faster

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