It’s Nietzsche who said,  “what ever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger “

That may be one of the most over used old quotes, in cheap sports psychology. What does  that mean though? Could you really push it to the brink of your true limit between life and death? If so, why would you? 

A huge part of the success of an athlete comes when one deals with pain and discomfort.  It’s the pealing back, the layers of pain, that exposes individual potential. The more your competitors , teammates, friends have it the more motivating it can be. As others around you do it, you may be willing to peal one more pain layer back. And in that extreme competitive environment, “Iron does sharpen Iron”

But the foundation it is Your choice. You enjoying the experience of……….. “when it hurts then I grow”

When the pain starts I step it up and find a different level. When your body says quit, you ratchet up one more gear. 

I learned to “love to hurt”, in training. When it got tough that’s where progress started. That’s what begins to separate one from achieving their optimum results or staying in the same place. And staying in the same place is moving backwards.

“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you….”

Sun Zu 

Let’s have a great week of training!

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