2 or 3 Dimensional Athlete

Great thing about capitalism is when someone has great idea others will try to duplicate . Whether it’s a device or service as long as there is demand, supply will move to compliment.

Unfortunately if the demand is uneducated or novice the possibility of poor consumer choice results . 

So it goes in the performance training industry .

Quantity of Performance training increase but not always Quality. 

The positive is that more kids are involved in specific skills, or performance training. That is also possibly the negative depending if the athlete has:

  1. The basic core fitness fundamentals or is being taught them
  2. The desire to be there over the age of 12.
  3. The correct instruction to suit the specific individual athlete
  4. Are they healthy and having fun!

All athletes must possess essential 2 dimensional skills to achieve their next level of progression. What then allows this athlete to achieve a much higher level? A very limiting wall is reached when an athlete does not grasp 3 Dimensional skills and concepts. 

This is such a fun and challenging dynamic to teach and foster! 

For some athletes it seems more natural than others. One kid may have a Natural feel for the ball, or where to be on the ice or when to attack in a race. Where other athletes struggle to see the sports beyond the basic 2 dimensional skill set and training.

Being a key facilitator to development a skill or concept is extremely vital.  But, how do you then help grow an athlete into the 3 dimensional realm? 

There are the fundamental skills and conditioning that is a foundation. But what takes the 2 dimensional athlete into the 3 dimensional athlete of personal excellence?

Looking back at University Finance studies the Professors were to help prepare us for financial life. The fact is ,a few, of the many of professors actually had proactive classes. 

Theory is good ,real life better…   2 dimensional facts but 3 dimensional life.

The very good Professors taught real life lessons (3 dimensional) because many experienced the market of business outside the walls of the institution. Some were able to take the coursework and apply to what we experience in the real world. But there were many 2 dimensional in their teaching and thought. Possibly because many never got to the starting line and battled through the adversity of failure, gains, losses and to victory.  It was 2 dimensional council they relayed because their background was 2 dimensional experience and or thought.

There is the same correlation between that and the Performance sports instruction and coaching today.  

Over focused fascination, especially at the early ages, for athletes that excel in the fundamental 2 dimensional skills. Even though they may lack the concepts of the 3 dimensional athlete the 2 dimensional skills allow them to succeed at the young ages.

They may be faster, stronger and have a higher skill set but that’s where it ends. A issue occurs if they grow only in 2 Dimensional skills while not developing the 3 Dimensional skills and concepts of the sport.  Though they gain one of the great traits of confidence a false sense of security can result. When the physical playing field levels after age 16 a frustration and bewilderment occurs of why they no longer predominate their sport.

The 3 dimensional athletes have the natural gift of slowing the play down, seeing beyond what is happening at that time.  Many athletes through hard work and traditional training excel at the early ages of 2 Dimensional play. But without a focus on 3 Dimensional skills and instruction of play the athlete is limited as they reach the higher levels (16-20 years old)  

Unstructured play and small games fosters 3 dimensional thought and leaning. It seems natural or is a gift with some athletes, but all athletes can be fostered to 3 dimensional progression if there is wise proactive instruction and/or that unstructured play.  The 3 Dimensional skills allow for greater success and opportunity. 

There is much knowledge in the volume of 2 dimensional instruction across the world but it is a lot more rare to see the wise 3 dimensional special instruction. 

Out of the hundreds of Gyms I’ve been involved with across the world there is a smaller number rather than larger that are exciting to watch and train. These rare Gyms and trainers develop the 3 dimensional athlete. The instructors who understand the approach to such dynamic teaching are inspiring to watch and evolve fantastic athletes. 

 Coaches like Brett Sutton, Daryl Belfrey ,Jack Daniels and the great Bear Bryant who are such instructors( teachers) . All these trainers from different sports but the quintessence of development transcends all athletics. Their personalities and thought are out of the box and most seem to have the humble insightful gift of always learning. There is a core foundation they build their teaching on, but If there is a better way to teach they incorporate it. They look at the individual not just the common athlete. They improve the development of the individual athlete to further the development of the individual team.

The evolvement of sport and athletes is so exciting to watch and both athlete and coach need to continue to evolve to keep pace. 

Just as there are 5000 phytochemical in an apple that all work in synergistically with each other , there are the minds of 3 dimensional trainers that look at the athlete as this complex machine that excels in a multidimensional arena. Their athletes and teams results transcend and advance the sport beyond all old school 2 Dimensional approaches. Making ordinary into extraordinary and making extraordinary into Champions. 

Lets find your 3 Dimensional path to the optimum athlete.


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