Functional Fitness Meets Energy Systems

So exciting to watch the continue athletic development of today’s athletes. A movement that has evolved over decades has produced a faster stronger more skilled athlete. The two dimensional approach to training is still the most common approach to performance. But the three dimensional program is becoming more prevalent. As trainers have moved into this three dimensional functional approach you have seen terrific results and less injury. This three-dimensional training has actually gone full circle and utilizes many of the arts that have been around for many centuries.

A focus training on volume , mixed with intensity has produced faster more powerful, better athletic results at an earlier age than previous decades. Just an awareness of starting a focused fitness and performance program has allowed better preparation. With simple approach of increased volume, intensity and fun has proven results. Unfortunately not understanding each age group and how to incorporate into a functional program has increased less than optimal results. That is a topic of different thought. What we are talking about is the new three dimensional functional training and how we associate it with energy systems.

The Best Training utilizes and focuses the body in a natural fluid functional movement. This 3 Dimensional training has produced incredible athletes at an even younger age.

A big piece of the puzzle that has not been widely addressed is how to train your different energy systems within this new functional training.

When we are talking about energy systems that would include burst, speed, power, endurance, and anaerobic threshold training.

When you combined these two ,functional training and energy system training in the right plan and program the results are guaranteed and spectacular. This is not only direct performance results but also a system which allows for fewer injuries.

These are the questions you need to ask when looking for a trainer for your specific sport. 
1.What is functional training and how do you see it being in my program?
2. What type of energy systems do I need to focus on to reach my optimum potential?
3. How do I put both of the questions above, together, in my program?

You may have one or two trainers that you need to utilize to put this equation together. Both should give you a clear and precise game plan at same time. The Good trainers are humble in their limitations. Most of the good trainers are confident in their philosophy but humble to appreciate others that may fill the void when needed.
Never stop learning . Training the Human body gets more efficient as we continue to learn more of the capacity and functionality of physiology.

Have a great and efficient next phase of training!

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