Cody McLeod Womens Jersey  Optimum Athlete - Recommended Readings

Recommended Readings

  • Serious Training for Endurance Athletes. ***
    Great job on explaining how body must build in one phase before moving to another
  • Lore of Running ***
    Great for experienced athlete who has read other physiology references and wants a complete guide. Covers all aspects relative to medical and non-medical physiology of running.
  • Training for Endurance **
    Short book and very easy to follow. Author understands damage that occurs with wrong intensity
  • Magical running **
    Guide to put a plan to your goals of improving
  • The Essential Triathlete **
    Or 1st timer or brand new Triathlete who does not know where to start for anything equipment, training etc.
  • Pre **
    Story of true determination, courage and talent in one of America’s greatest runners
  • The Inner Athlete **
    Looking outside of physical potential to other aspects of equation.
  • The Peaceful Warrior ***
    Sport psychology in a fun relative way you can apply
  • Staying Healthy with nutrition ***
    A bible thick in-depth and very proactive reference for any serious, dietician, nutritionist or athlete
  • Nutraceuticals ****
    A complete guide to foods or food supplements and how they relate to disease and improving one health
  • Fighting Radiation and Chemical pollutants with Foods, Herbs and Vitamins **
    Helps understand some consequeses of environment and what we can do.
  • Diet for new America**
    At times bias viewpoint though very educational on history of food industry.
  • Finding the Wheels Hub**
    Good story from pioneer professional in Triathlon.
  • Enzyme nutrition**
    Understanding consequense to a cooked, processed food diet
  • The Art of War ***
    Must read for elite athlete to understand the importance of understanding you, opponent, and environment
  • . Iron Will **
    Fun read about road to Ironman and his journey as athlete
  • Peak fitness for women **
    Guide for new women triathletes
  • Endurance Athletes Edge **
    Understanding phases, cycles and periodization
  • Fast Food Nation ***
    History of where all fast food started and seeing the consequences
  • What would Jesus Eat **
    There were no twinkees
  • Been There done that Now What****
    Accomplished many goals in fitness and health and still not fulfilled?