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Sports Teams/Schools /PTA
Whether it is Sports performance, Neurological function, Immune function, or injuries, they all are related to how that body is fueled. What that child eats determines their fate. Whether it be a good food choice or poor food choice will determine how his energy level is, how his brain is fueled, how he recovers from a practice, how his/her overall health is reflected. Getting the child to choose takes education on a proactive approach. Great nutrition for life starts early and enables that child for a better chance to achieve all their goals. Do you want to give that opportunity for your Team or Class?

Corporate Speaking
What would it be worth to educate your workforce on an efficient, proactive path to Optimum Health? Would you like your employees to understand the whys and then how to act on their opportunity for Optimum Health? 60,000-$80,000 a year expense for dialysis patient. $ 1000-$1500 a month in cost to average migraineur (migraine suffer) Low productivity because of fatigue or suppressed immune function, sick days that loses your company money.

Fitness Clubs
Do your employees walk the walk? Or do you just sell memberships? Can you expect your clients to trust in your facility without seeing results in personnel? Health is more than Fitness. Understanding the vast arena of nutrition and fitness is not black and white. No one ever sat their way to success.