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Optimum Edge Power Skating

Optimum Edge Power Skating

Skating Camps/Clinics Lessons:

1. Private sessions 4-6 skaters.

2. Power Skating Camps for the A level mite to Professional bound Hockey player. May - August

3. Elite Off Ice Training/cycling for the Hockey player - (There may be no better cross training for the Hockey player that Cycling. Whether you are on a Mountain bike /Road Bike or Spinning Bike cycling if done with the correct approach cycling will take your Hockey fitness to the next level.)

SHOT TEC “taking your shot and core to the next level”

4. Team Building Camp - If you can't communicate and have fun as a team off the ice you won't communicate well on the ice.

  • Team Pylo and challenge
  • Biking
  • Trail Running
  • Air soft

Work harder than you ever have while having fun!!

My Training sessions include 1 Hour Plyometric and 2 hour bike ride.

"You want to be a Pro then Train with one"

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