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Omega 3 & Doughnuts

The Good - Omega 3 fat

Good sources of this include fresh ocean (sardines, salmon), linseed (flax), pumpkin seeds, beans, and walnuts. Some vegetables even contain Omega 3 and wheat germ oil also.

Most Americans do not get enough and without proper amount in diet inflammation will be the result. Inflammation will express itself in vessels and lead to many inflammatory diseases. If you do not get Omega 3 in diet everyday. , Supplementing with an Omega 3 supplement might be prudent.


The Bad - Doughnuts

Well I know I will get on the do not invite to breakfast list with many people with this. But we have to understand why this is possibly the worst food for any ones health. From infant to adult this food will lead to vascular problems, insulin dysfunction and a host of other negative health concerns.

  1. It is white processed flour, which is one of the most allergenic foods in America; the flour is extremely high on the glycemic index. This mean that the blood sugar will shoot up then body releases insulin, which in turn will shut down, for many hours, the hormones that help you metabolize fat.
  2. It had the worst possible fat (trans fatty acid) that you can put in your body. This fat that they cook doughnuts in is heated to over 600 degrees adding hydrogen to it. It now has a shelf life comparable to the Egyptian Pyramids. This means that even bacteria will not eat it. You would think we are smarter than bacteria. This fat is also a leading cause of inflammation, leading to possible tumor formation. These fats have also been shown enhance the progression of many cancers. It is like adding gasoline to forest fire. Also related to negative neurological changes. Might not want your child going to school with a deficit in his/her corner. These Trans fatty acids are also in most packaged snacks.
  3. Processed Sugar. Doughnuts are just loaded with processed white sugar. This sugar will increase insulin production leading to fat, which will predispose you to cancer, heart disease, diabetes and a host of other degenerative diseases. Syndrome X or dis-insulinsm is also been related to ADD and other behavior problem in children.