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Marc "walks the talk" – This is my most succinct as well as my most powerful compliment of Marc Voit.

My credentials are that I have been a health/fitness enthusiast most of my life, joined my first health club in 1981 and have belonged to 11 clubs (US, England and Australia) since that time. I have also completed marathons in running, down hill skiing and cycling.

All these experience have put me in contact with a lot of great athletes and coaches. Hands down, Marc Voit is best of them all in both categories. Marc incorporates in a pragmatic manner all the life forces/energies (physical, nutritional, mental and spiritual) contributing to an athlete’s performance.

Marc is fiercely competitive in his own personal athletic pursuits. He is equally passionate about his commitment to helping others reach their goals. However, he is incredibly patient and realistic in dealing with those who are not at his level of health and fitness.

Marc continuously studies the science of his trade and shares that knowledge with those who are interested. I am honored and privileged having Marc as a coach and friend.

Brad Lewis

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