Cody McLeod Womens Jersey  Optimum Athlete - Milk & Water

Water & Milk

Good - Pure Water

Much of our water today is tainted with chemicals meant to help us. These include chlorine, fluoride and then pollutants with bacteria, lead, pesticides. Worse yet some water containers leach chemicals from the plastic into our water.

Filtering our water is a viable option but 1st you have to know what substances you are trying to filter. Then you can make a wise choice on the Filtration system you choose for your Optimum Health. You, your family and children will drink more water if 1st it taste good and 2nd you can feel assured that it is an addition to improved health rather than a detriment.


Bad - Cow’s Milk

Whatever type it is – skim, low-fat, powdered or milk solids in some other product, cow’s milk is radically different than human milk and not compatible with good digestion, immune function and nutrient content.

Have you ever hear Cows milk is for Cows and human milk is for humans. Well it is a pretty good natural law to use. Many adults and children are allergic to casein ( milk protein). Why it is because the body does no produce enough of the enzyme (rennin) to digest casein. It is not a mystery, just reality.

Other foods made from milk are better tolerated , like cheese, yogurt, pure butter and cream if they are properly cultured. There is little or no lactose or casein in these products to cause a problem. But as far as milk goes not be a prudent choice for performance and health.