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Nuts/Seeds & Ground Meat

Good - Nuts and Seeds

What a terrific snack for anybody. This is the #1 choice I like for my children and they enjoy them.

Almonds are wonderful. They are like a mineral supplements if you look at the micronutrient content (calcium, magnesium, laetrile, high in Vitamin E, copper, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus). Cashews, walnuts (excellent source of Omega 3), macadamia nuts, and pumpkin seeds are some other great choices. Whole raw nuts are preferred. Try to avoid those that are roasted in oil and salted. Mixing some good chocolate chips, raisons and dried cranberries make it a wonderful, tasty, healthy snack that will be a positive choice to improve your path to optimum health.


Bad - Ground Meat

The meat in burger, hotdogs, meat loaf, chili, etc. contains high levels of bacteria throughout. Generally, a bacterium does not penetrate ungrounded meat so a steak or chicken breast is a more prudent choice.

In addition, processed meats also usually contain ingredients you would not want to consume. Most contain chemicals, sugars and meat by-products (left over fat, tendons, ligaments and other animal parts). Many contain nitrates (a powerful cancer producing carcinogen). Then many grill these meats that burns the fat produce nitro amines (carcinogens). Those carcinogens can be negated with certain consumption of photochemicals. Balance is the key. But we already know 95% don’t eat the 5-9 servings per day, so supplementing with powdered produce( Juice Plus+) is essential. If you want a burger, use whole pieces of meat and grind them yourself. Cook immediately after and previously ground meat should be cooked well if you dare eat it.