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After taking 7 years off from competition, I decided in 2003 to begin training again for triathlons. I found the 2003 season challenging for although I worked out somewhat regularly, I was nowhere near racing shape. I competed in 2 events, winning my age group in one and winning the Masters overall in the other. But in the second event, I tore my right calf. After 8 weeks of rehab, I decided it was time to train right. That was when Marc approached me about the possibility of training with him. What a present from God! I jumped on the chance immediately.

After only 1 month, I have seen major improvements in aerobic capacity, power and endurance. While the total number of workout hours were roughly equivalent to what I was previously doing, the workouts forced me to monitor my heart rate in every workout, thereby making my workouts “smarter”. By keeping me in my aerobic range, I found my endurance increase and my recovery times lessen. In addition, although still injured, I found that I could continue to workout without breaking down my calf and achilles injuries. In fact, I found that my injuries were continuing to heal and my leg was getting stronger. This lead to a positive mindset regarding the next workout. Rather than questioning whether I could make it through the pain of the next workout, I found myself more than ready to start it, pain-free, and finish out those remaining in the week.

As part of the package, I chose to try the Juice+ products. I highly recommend this path. I have been a nutritional supplement advocate and user for years. However, after taking the Juice+ products for only a week, I found my energy level increase dramatically. I felt more energized and focused for my morning workouts.

Marc’s program provides not only the physical training program but also a focus on nutritional requirements for athletes. I have found his nutritional lectures informative and supported by science. Furthermore, his recommendations produce results. By following his nutritional guidelines, I have found increased endurance during workouts and my recovery time cut in half.

In order to get to the next level, I needed some new equipment. When I asked Marc what to buy, to look for and where to start, he was a wonderful source of information and a walking rolodex for numbers of vendors. I have never found purchasing major equipment so easy. Marc not only provides you with his recommendations but also provides you with websites so that you can do your own research and form your own opinion.

Overall, Marc is truly a wonderful coach, athlete and person. I highly recommend him and his program."

Lisa Shaffer

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