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The Human Genome Project

A Grandfather died from Heart Disease, the Father died from Heart Disease, the son will probably die from Heart Disease. Is that not a logical conclusion that we Americans make? Wait a minute your doctor says if you change you diet, exercise and lose weight you will not suffer the same fate. What he is saying that you have control of where you want to go. Your Health fate!! The Human Genome Project (HGP), which started in 1990, was planned for 15 years and 3 billion in cost.

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The Best of Your Best

Getting the most out of your ability. That is the goal of all athletes no matter what the sport or age. And no matter what your natural gifts, the right equipment, right training plan, the right sports psychology and finally the right nutrition will compliment those natural gifts. Do you want the chance of using your genetic ability to the full potential that God has given you?

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Step Out Of The Circle

You have heard the phrase, “You do the same old thing you get the same old results.” Why is that so easy to fall into? We get comfortable with poor digestion, extra weight, few colds or headaches, low energy, poor sleep, etc. We hear these whispers warning us that what we are doing is not working. We press on saying that these are what some of my peers and family have experienced. We equate it to being normal? Normal no, but common yes. Athletes aren’t any different. When we ignore the whispers then finally the brick hits.

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Politically Incorrect Results

Lets get real. To get leaner, how many possible ideas, diets, therapies book, and articles do we need to read, ponder and attempt? That is the $1,000,000 question. We talk, talk, talk and maybe try some reactive approaches but with little, at best, short term results. When I talk short term, let’s assume less than 2 years. Any diet can get results for short term. Vision is a lifetime of health and not results just for the reunion.

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