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Aaron Miller

Marc Voit is an awesome coach. He focuses on what you do and will tell you what you do wrong. He is one of the most athletic people I know. He has great skill at hockey as well as other sports too. Marc makes me feel great by challenging me to work hard to be the best I can be with overall physical and mental conditioning and eating the right foods!

I am really glad to know an athletic coach that has great skill and knowledge like Marc.

Aaron Miller
Hockey Player (born 2001)

Brad Lewis

Marc "walks the talk" – This is my most succinct as well as my most powerful compliment of Marc Voit.

My credentials are that I have been a health/fitness enthusiast most of my life, joined my first health club in 1981 and have belonged to 11 clubs (US, England and Australia) since that time. I have also completed marathons in running, down hill skiing and cycling.

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Eric Gritz

Marc has helped my son Alex develop each and every lesson, while having fun. Alex always can't wait to go back again!

Eric Gritz
Hockey Dad

Gary Hitechew

As a life long serious exerciser, I have taken many classes with a plethora of fitness instructors. Without a doubt, Marc Voit’s spinning class is the best-organized and most efficient workout I have ever taken. Not only does he push you to your physical limits, but he also dispenses nutrition and fitness tips that could be understood and appreciated from the beginning exerciser to the competitive athlete.

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