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Marcelo Silva

Marc Voit has been coaching me for the last 6 years. Since joining Optimum , I have ranked in the top 5 in my region and the top 5% in the nation!! I've Qualified for the USAT National Triathlon every year since then, as well as the World's Long distance championship. Because of the sucessful relationship I have enjoyed with Marc, I highly recommend to any serious athlete.

Marcelo Silva

Rich Esswein

I set a goal 2 years ago to complete a Marathon prior to turning 40. The first race was Pittsburgh and the goal was to finish around 3:30 and feel good after the race. I accomplished the goal with a 3:37 and set my sights on qualifying for The Boston Marathon with a sub 3:20 time.

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Willie Manteris

Marc has been a great resource for me. He got me started in triathlons as a complete novice three years ago and helped me progress much faster than I ever could have on my own. He helped guide me on everthing from equipment and training to nutrition and injury prevention and many things in between.

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Douglas Sippel

Tyler came to you last year as a "A" player. Carter was also a "A" ranked player. With 7-8 months of your coaching, they are now both "AAA" players along with 4 others from your team. Hats off Marc, you are a great coach. I just had to tell you this.

Douglas J. Sippel

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