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James F Meyers

Marc has been my two sons' Power Skating instructor for the last several years and has made an amazing improvement in their skating. His ability to motivate them and his attention to detail is what sets him apart from other power skating instructors. He is able to break down their weaknesses then correct and reinforce them to gain confidence to move forward. It is very evident the passion he has for teaching.

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John M DiMarsico

Marc drives consistent improvement in his players through his highly innovative drills and teaching techniques developed through his vast athletic experience. His players and teams are distinguished by their exceptional puck movement and skating skills.

John M. DiMarsico

John Scott

Thanks to Marc, our fitness and training have reached a new level. After less than 2 years, we have seen a huge improvement in our health, fitness, and performance. Marc has great insight in nutrition and training. Whether it's an in depth talk or a quick tip, we've come to know that it is important and makes a difference. Thanks Marc! Your hard work has made our training fun and our lives so much better!"

Teresa & John Scott

Lisa Shaffer

After taking 7 years off from competition, I decided in 2003 to begin training again for triathlons. I found the 2003 season challenging for although I worked out somewhat regularly, I was nowhere near racing shape. I competed in 2 events, winning my age group in one and winning the Masters overall in the other. But in the second event, I tore my right calf. After 8 weeks of rehab, I decided it was time to train right. That was when Marc approached me about the possibility of training with him. What a present from God! I jumped on the chance immediately.

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